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Mexico and Its Beautiful Lands

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Essay Preview: Mexico and Its Beautiful Lands

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Alexandra Segura

Professor Strickland

World Geography

5 April 2018

Mexico and its Beautiful Lands

        Mexico a country that is characterized by being cheerful and festive, but that unfortunately, is day by day more dissatisfied with respect to his government and what happens in it. However, there is a good amount of things in which Mexico is a great place and that almost nobody knows or that the majority of Mexicans end up ignoring when we see that our country is getting worse. In Mexico, people are living in a stage in which the government is in compliance with drug trafficking. But Mexico is more than that, the country has more good things than bad to feel pride to be Mexican. The improvements in this country come from hard work, union and knowledge. Unfortunately, in order to value the good, people need to see it with their own eyes to realize that. We all love to take vacations somewhere outside our hometown because we can relax and not stress about school, work or our life problems. It affects our happiness, by escaping reality. Let’s face it life sucks. My parents would always take me somewhere in Mexico twice a year. My favorite place to go on vacation was Cancun and Los Cabos. I always came back with a new incredible experience that I would never forget. I can assure you Mexico is the best place to go on vacation. In this sense, I bring you a list of unique things that only we, Mexicans, have, and need to feel proud of this. To start I’m going to talk about Mexico City where I grew up. Mexico City; my home. According to World Population Review, Mexico, has a population of 21.2 million (2018). Furthermore, they also argue that, Mexico City has a long, rich history and is known for being one of the largest financial centers in the continent and the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world. There are many places to visit in the city, such as “the angel of independence” is a victory column built in 1910. It has become a point for celebration or protest. We also have Palacio de Bellas Artes, if you like art you would love this place, it has hosted some of the most notable events in music, dance, theatre, opera and has held important exhibitions of painting, and photograph. El zocalo; is the main square in the center of Mexico City, it was built in 1469. Moreover, the Chapultepec Castle, is an incredible place to visit, not only because you learn about the Mexican history but it has an incredible view to the city. Culture Trip informs that, the construction began in 1775, on the orders of Viceroy Bernardo de Galvez, before being taken over by Manuel Agustin Mascaro. It still reigns as the only royal castle in North America that actually served as residence for royalty; Mexican Emperor Maximillian lived there from 1864. After housing royalty, Chapultepec Castle became a military college (2016). Now, the place that I love to go in Mexico City is the Xochimilco canal, in this place you rent “trajineras” which are gondolas. Each of them have a unique name, they are very well known for their colorful structure. While they give tours around the canal there are also mariachis that can pull next to your trajinera and play music to the people for tips. Another place that you can visit and learn more about the Mexican history is Teotihuacan which is located 30 min outside the city. This place became the most powerful and influential city in the region founded by the Aztecs. According to UNESCO, this is a holy city, “the place where the gods were created” the civilization was built between the first and the seventh centuries A.D. In Teotihuacan, you can find the temple of Quetzalcoatl with the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon. Furthermore, they explain that, these temples were used for human sacrificed, the Aztecs had the idea of having multiple gods which made them polytheists. Every February, the children are sacrificed to the corn gods on the top of the mountains. In March the prisoners fight to the death in the competitions of gladiators, after which the priests dressed in their skins. In April a goddess of corn receives her share of children. In June there are sacrifices to the goddess of salt. And so it goes on. It has been estimated that the annual harvest of victims, mainly for Huitzilopochtli, increased from approximately 10,000 a year to a figure close to 50,000 shortly before the arrival of the Spanish. The most important Aztec gods, apart from Huitzilopochtli, are Tlaloc, the god of rain (which has a temple next to the Huitzilopochtli temple at the top of the great pyramid in Tenochtitlan) and Quetzalcoatl, god of fertility and arts. Besides Aztecs there were also a Mayan civilization; which this leads us to Cancun, Yucatan. This place contains Mayan culture that shines on every corner. Surrounded by the breathtaking Caribbean Sea, soft coral sands, and the striking shade of blue that emerges from its crystal-clear waters, a visit to Cancun will make you wonder whether you are in a dream or else. Once you go to Cancun, you have no choice but to go to Chichen Itza. This sacred site is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. According to Cartwright, in there you will find; the ball game which is a famous game created by the Mayans, the purpose of the game was to score inside the rings with a rubber ball where you can only touch it with your hips. The winners had a different type of trophy. They will honor them by human sacrificed. Meaning if you win you are dead. I was very lucky to be able to visit this place and had the chance to walk up to the pyramid of Kukulcan. Now in days you are not allowed to go up because a couple of years ago the pyramid started to fall apart. If you are not into history, Las Coloradas is an incredible place to go; the region is part of a reserve. These protected wetlands are home to animals like: flamingos, crocodiles, sea turtles and all kinds of sea birds. Cool fact retrieved from Karsten Matthew: the pink color of these lakes is due to red-colored algae, plankton, and brine shrimp that thrive in the salty environment. Another amazing place to go is a park call Xel-Ha; this place allows you to explore the sea world. If you want to you want to interact with sea animals, or just relax; you need to visit Xel-Ha. This place is considered one of the world’s greatest natural wonders; Xel-Ha provides one of the best experiences in the heart of the Rivera Maya. Get ready for endless fun with a wide variety of activities at Xel-Ha. You can swim along the amazing river, snorkel in the crystal-clear water of the enormous natural inlet and observe a wide variety of tropical fish that inhabit this paradise of the Riviera Maya. Xel-Ha also offers; walk trails and peace in the hammocks area. Moreover, you can ride a bicycle through the jungle or have fun on different zip-lines; even the little ones have a place where the fun never ends. Furthermore, Xcaret and Xplore are not too different from Xel-Ha. If you love animals this is the place to go, you can interact with them all day. Xcaret is a natural park with more than 40 attractions for all ages, perfect to visit with the family. You can swim in underground rivers, stroll along trails in the middle of the jungle and explore the mysterious caves. The park is open to the ocean animals like; dolphins, turtles, rays, or any kind of fish, are not been captive. Those animals chose to be there because they are well care and receive a lot of love. In this incredible park, there is also; rock climbing, zip line, and you can explore by walking or swimming inside the caves. A different place to go in Cancun is called, Isla Mujeres. This place is one of the best kept secrets of Cancun, not a lot of people know about this place. Isla Mujeres is a beautiful peaceful paradise island where there is beautiful white sand beaches and calm crystal-clear waters. Activities to do in this island are: museum underwater, reefs with water activities, snorkeling, and diving into the ocean. You can also swim with dolphins, sharks and manatees. Another place that I would recommended to people would be Coco Bongo. This club night isn't your traditional, DJ-controlled nightclub. Instead, thousands of travelers witness nonstop performances from acrobats, conga lines, live bands and musician impersonators. A typical night at Coco Bongo involves projected videos, balloons, soap bubbles and confetti. In addition, Mazatlán, Sinaloa is an incredible place to go visit. Not only because you can enjoy the beautiful view, but there is also a special place called "La Perla del Pacifico", full of cheerful people, beautiful beaches, band music, the best fresh seafood, folklore and dancing. According to the Mazatlán Magazine, in the historical center, it crosses Plaza Machado and its spaces with a nice kiosk and gardens. Its buildings date back more than 180 years. Another beautiful state in Mexico that can blow your mind is Baja California Sur. In this state you can admire landscapes as contrasting as green mountains, dry deserts and the sea. Among the local beach Coromuel is the most popular to visit on weekends. Moreover, according to La Paz Waterkeeper it argues that, Playa El Tesoro owes its name to a pirate treasure found in 1965 during the construction of a highway. Playa Balandra, is one of the most spectacular beaches, it has an inlet and is ideal for kayaking. Do not forget to visit the famous El Hongo. Moreover, Tecolote Beach is a large stretch of white sand in front of Espiritu Santo Island, in there you can rent a boat and sail the 6.5 kilometers to Espiritu Santo Island. Moreover, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Acapulco are its famous beaches, the creek, the cove, the glass bottom boats and of course, vacations!. Acapulco has been suffering from insecurity in recent years, the tourism sector has not been affected because it takes great care of tourism, so do not be afraid to visit it. One of the best and most famous beaches of Acapulco is Caleta. This is where most tourists come to swim. There are also glass bottom boats that make trips from very early to Roqueta Island, where you can rent equipment and practice snorkeling. There is also amazing food stalls where you can enjoy a good fresh fish . Caletilla is the beach next to Caleta, in here you can visit “Mundo Mágico Marino” a park to learn about the sea life. Mexico is an amazing beautiful country that has too much to offer. I think we as a society should feel free to travel not only to Mexico but around the world. Having knowledge about other cultures in the world gives you a better perspective in life. It gives you an incredible experience knowing what is happening around the world and not just have knowledge about our hometown.



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